Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

10 Tricks of the Scandinavian living room Decor

Having a small living room does not mean your creativity in decorating is limited. Quite the contrary — you so have a challenge to juggle a tiny space to be comfortable and not boring. Well, for those of you who still do not get inspired, Scandinavian design can be an option for living room decoration.

Scandinavian design is one of the interior models that are trending today. Having a style that is very easy to follow, this design emphasizes the look of a neat and minimalist room. A balanced combination of warm, modern and simple impression makes Scandinavian design suitable for a small living room decoration. Kania has gathered 10 living room decorating ideas that can be your inspiration, let’s be listened to!

  1. Gives a different texture to the living room decoration

Choosing a living room decoration with a Scandinavian design means enriching the room will be texture. You can add a living room decoration that has simple shapes and subtle materials. For example, use a sofa made of linen, hemp carpet, or throw blanket knitted.

Keep in mind that despite the different shapes and materials of living room decor, Scandinavian design is always neatly arranged and functional. That way, a tiny room won’t look crowded.

  1. Add pillows on the couch as a living room decoration

Basically, Scandinavian-style design emphasizes a comfortable place and worth a stay. What more living room decorations can add comfort to other than pillows? Pillow linen, knitted, faux fur, or everything at once, will make a tiny room so attractive and warmer.

What’s more, there’s no pillow too much for a Scandinavian-style design. You can also add decorative pillows on a minimalist couch with different colors or motifs as the decoration of your living room. The most important thing is consistency to keep the concept of decorating the living room minimalist and well arranged.

  1. Dominate the decoration of the living room with soft and neutral colors

White is generally used to give a broad impression to a small living room. In addition, the white color will also make the living room brighter. But not everything should be white. Living room decoration with natural pattern such as beige, grey, brown, black and khaki also you can use. Also add some pillows with pastel colors to give it a fresh but unobtrusive impression.

  1. Choose a patterned carpet to complement the decoration of the living room

Patterned carpets will add warmth to the living room and make the living room feel more vivid. Of course, carpet motif should also be noted to fit the other furniture. Choose a carpet with a line or geometric motif for a Scandinavian living room decoration.

In addition to emphasizing the theme of the room, carpet with line and geometric motifs is also considered the interior designers will not make the room feel cramped. In contrast, a small room will have a wider impression.

  1. Add wooden furniture on living room decoration

The wooden funiture is one characteristic of Scandinavian design. The traditional Scandinavian people even had strong ties with nature, especially the trees. One or two of the rustic wood furniture will emphasize the Scandinavian influence in the living room.

Wood also adds texture to the living room decoration, making the room more comfortable, as well as giving a natural and wider impression on the room at the same time.

  1. Make living room decoration in the form of gallery wall

The Gallery wall is one of the decorations that are always in the room with Scandinavian design. This one living room decoration is an ideal way to show the personality of the House dwellers in a minimalist design. In addition, gallery wall will give a modern touch to the living room, especially if you choose to use the Figura.

Better print photos or other images you choose on the wall using monochrome colors with a slight neutral or pastel color tone. That way, the decoration of the living room is not monotonous, but also not impressed mess.

  1. Add plants as a living room decoration

Give an extra life in your living room with plants. In addition to providing a new texture to the living room decoration, plants have a refreshing green color, and improve the mood.

In order not to obstruct your move in a small living room, you can put plants with a large pot in the corner of the room. Conversely, plants with small pots could complement the decoration of a living room on a table or shelf.

  1. Add shelves to save the living room decoration

The long sideways shelves will make the eyes move horizontally, so the room will appear wider. On the other hand, a high shelf will make the eye move vertically, so the room will appear higher. This is why on the decoration of a nice living room there is always a shelf. The spacious but warm and familiar impression that the shelf creates will make you, your living and guests, feel at home.

Add minimalist living room decorations such as photographs, abstract displays and plants in a small vase. Books can also be placed on the shelf. However, if you still want to keep the concept of a Scandinavian living room decoration, make sure you’re keeping it not too dense.

  1. Rearrange the decoration of the living room every few months

Changing the arrangement of furniture or replacing the photos displayed every few months will make the living room feel like new again. With a Scandinavian design, the small living room will feel more spacious as it proves to be utilized for various models.

This trick can also eliminate boredom that may appear after some time. Not only that, if you include plant collectors or small displays, this can be when you replace them with new ones.

  1. Keep the living room decoration simple and tidy

Sometimes, a living room decoration that attracts our attention is too much until it feels like buying everything. This kind of desire needs to be controlled, especially since the three basic components of Scandinavian design are beauty, unity and simplicity.

The living room is where ordinary house dwellers gather. Therefore, a warm, comfortable and simple room needs to be a priority when designing. The decoration of the Scandinavian living room, besides being able to get around the area is not too wide, can make the residents more comfortable at home.

Living room Decoration is one of the most important aspects of home. In addition to being considered a core room, living room decorations also reflect the personality of their owners. What would you like to decorate your living room?

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