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Home Interior Decoration: Simplicity that Makes Life Happier

A simple interior decoration that you and your beloved family do to achieve a happy quality of life in your home. Believe it or not, the home you have lived has a tremendous influence on the level of happiness. The house with a choice of design and decoration style that fit and precise, able to give positive influence to the occupants. While the fault options design elements and the use of decorating elements can give a negative effect.

To get a happy atmosphere inside the house, the way is simple and simple. Happiness can be obtained from the choice of colors, the use of accessories to the choice of aroma or, odors that you use.

The choice of home interior decorating, although simple, can bring the family members closer to each other. If you feel that the d├ęcor at home is stiff and dull, then rest assured it will greatly affect your emotions and your beloved family. Improper decorating can affect emotions so that it affects interactions with family members and affects happiness.

Avoid mistakes while decorating your home interior. Try changing some of the exaggerated decorations to be simpler. The simplicity of decorating can be the reason why the housing remains and keeps it comfortable to stay.

Wall Paint Color

Research from Vrije University, Amsterdam states that light yellow and green colors are two colors that can enhance the feeling of happiness. In addition, you can also use bright colors and pastel colors for wall paint options. Bright and pastel colors can give your room a wide and clean impression. Especially for your small size room.

You can discuss what colors will be used as the main wall paint colors with family members. Make sure the color choices are the colors that all family members agree on and like.


According to data from the UCLA Center of Everyday Lives & Families, There is a difference between the stress hormones in women who have a lot of furniture in their homes. The Data shows that the more stuff in your home, the more you feel stressed.

Reduce the use of furniture and items that are not needed. The house will look more neat and pleasant if there are not many items, life feels better and happier.

Personal Accent
Happy people are people who feel comfortable with themselves and are confident in their tastes and preferences. This happiness is buried in the interior of the house, a place where things are private is something that will make them in the form of decorative elements.

A study from Portsmouth University discovered the fact that by looking at memorable old photographs can evoke positive energy and provide tranquility.

Display photos of you and your family who have happy memories. You can display photos when the holidays are shared, graduation, wedding, birth or other memorable photographs.

Plant & Flowers
Not only beautiful visually, but ornamental plants can also animate the interior around it and provide coolness and freshness. These indoor plants are capable of providing a positive effect on mood, quality of life as well as physical health.

In addition to ornamental plants, fresh flowers also have the same benefits as plants. According to Rutgers ‘ research, the presence of a bunch of flowers inside your home can radiate a feeling of happiness. You can choose the type and color of the flower that you prefer then put on a vase.

The scent of flowers that are smell from the vase that your place is also very affecting the mood. The receptors on your nose are connected with the brain that can determine your emotions. Research from the Psychological Science Association reveals the scent of flowers can soothe and enhance the feeling of happiness. In addition to the live flowers, the scent of flowers can be served from the freshener that has now been widely available in a variety of floral fragrances.

Keep Cleanliness
Happy families are reflected in the cleanliness of the house. The simplest thing can be started from the cleanliness of the bedroom. Making beds after use can help you spend your day happier.

Research conducted by Hunch.com showed as much as 71% of the people who made his bed in the morning were happy people. While 62% of those who do not turn down his bed feel unhappy.

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