Ornamental Plants

Kinds of Ornamental Plants that Make the House Feel Cooler and Fresh

The type of ornamental plants in the room proved not only beneficial to nourish the room but with a beautiful appearance, the plant also becomes an ornamental plant that meets the standards of interior aesthetics.

In a country, the architectural style and also the idea of interior design are strongly influenced by the climate. Especially in terms of how to make and make the house feel cool and refreshing all day long.

When you are very tempted to install and use the air conditioning in the house; To maintain moisture and coolness; There is actually a much easier and even cheaper way. Adding a number of ornamental plants or decorative plants is the most effective way to keep the temperature and room temperature refreshing.

Indoor plants, or commonly referred to as ornamental plants, decorative plants or also ornamental crops, is a natural way of keeping the house cool.

Although it only has two seasons all year round, filling the house with natural cooling with plants will help you lower ambient temperature or air temperature. Not only that, in addition to its main function as a natural cooling and air purifier, the plant also added an interior aesthetic. Even you also contribute directly to the preservation of the environment while maintaining the home environment feels cool from the use of natural energy sources.

Here are 3 types of ornamental plants in the room to keep the house cool and fresh. Reported by Swirlster. NDTV, you can consider using one or even all three at once.

Aloe Vera
Besides the fact that Aloe vera can work like magic on your skin thanks to its remarkable healing properties, Aloe Vera plant is also effective in cooling the ambient air temperature. A study also found that aloe vera plants are beneficial in eliminating formaldehyde, the main indoor pollutants.

Spider Plant
This herb helps to not only cool the air but like Aloe vera, it is very good to clean the formaldehyde from the air. Chlorophytum or Spider plant is also known for its ability to absorb carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can prove toxic to humans when found in concentrations above 35 ppm.

Areca Palm
Palm tree Areca is one of the most popular living room plants thanks to its beautiful decorative properties. A NASA research document finds that Areca Palm is one of the top crops that can “purify and rejuvenate the air in the home and workplace, protecting all of us from side effects associated with common toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and also benzene.”

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