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Luxury Rustic Style House Design; Simplicity of Room Appearance with Natural Material Use

Rustic style house design proves; That luxury doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. And the simplicity of the space appearance is also a luxury for some people.

Luxury home design does not necessarily have to show the appearance of glamour and glitter, as well as spending a very expensive fee for decorating. Because to get luxury, do not necessarily have to use expensive materials, you can also have a home with a luxurious atmosphere and appearance with a rustic style home design.

The definition of luxury can be different from everyone, many aspects that affect how someone’s view of luxury is. However, it is generally inferred that luxury is a look that looks beautiful, something that looks abundant, expensive and classy. The assumption is not wrong, but also not completely true, because we can all also design luxury with a limited budget.

The use of natural wood is quite cheap as the interior material can also give birth to the appearance of the room is not less luxurious.

Natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, stone as well as various other complimentary accessories, are able to create a luxurious look at your residence. With the appropriate design and decoration, you are able to bring the luxury of these natural elements. This proves that luxury does not have to be expensive, and the natural simplicity is also a luxury for some people.

Interested in applying natural materials to your home interior? Some of the following ways can inspire, how to design a luxury house in a natural rustic style.

What kind of Rustic home design?

Rustic style is a design concept that has the characteristic use in a massif of furniture and furniture with rough textures. The Rustic itself has an old and rusty meaning and focuses heavily on the use of iron, metal and natural materials.

The rustic design, beginning in the Roman era until the Renaissance focused on finishing the facade using rough rock material and contrasting display. In the 18th century, the rustic unfinished and coarse-textured style began to be applied to wood materials coated with sand to resemble rocks. The rustic idea was then growing. Nowadays the style of rustic design incarnated into one of the interior styles and home exterior featuring a unique, distinctive and also luxurious impression.

Floor & Wooden Wall

To create a rustic-style room inside the house, you can use wood as the main material for the floor and or wall. Wood elements give a warm and comfortable impression, making the room feel very inviting and also homey. Elegant and classy rustic style house design.

Nowadays, as the idea of interior design ideas, the use of wood as a floor material or wall is a luxury, considering the cost to use the interior and architecture elements is quite expensive, so in general, wood can also give birth to luxury. However, the use of wood elements is fairly inexpensive when compared to other materials, such as marble and granite.

Choice of Sofa

Complete the comfort of your living room or living room with the presence of a sofa that has warm colors, such as white, gray, beige and light brown. Beautify the couch with extra pillows of similar pitches. Also, add a rustic wooden table or coffee table exactly in the middle of the couch to complement the necessities such as storing food and drinks.

Although the sofa is simple furniture, and quite affordable and inexpensive, but its presence is able to provide warmth and luxury into the room.

Rock elements

In addition to wood, natural stone is also one of the materials that you can present in the design of the rustic house style.

Rocks give a natural and cool impression on the room. Rock elements are perfect for balancing the design of the dominant use of wood materials. Both of these materials are able to give birth to a space full of softness and warmth, typical of rooms with a luxurious classic design.

You can also use rocks as material on the wall. No need to use a stone in its entirety, you can show it in either part or side only.

Choice of Accessories

To beautify a rustic-style room, display floral-themed decorations like flowers in several corners of the room. You can use live flowers as well as artificial flowers as a choice of decorative elements of space or interior accessories.

The use of lamps is also able to provide a strong rustic atmosphere. Choose a lamp design that looks old with original wood material without the finishing process.

To further create a dramatic impression, you can try using a floodlight. Place the floodlights to the top so that they produce lighting that is not so bright, slightly dimly lit and feels very comfortable. It is as comfortable as the luxurious classic style houses.

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