Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

Scandinavian Room Design; Beautiful and Comfortable All-White Design

The Scandinavian room design is a way of designing a bedroom with an all-white design that is not only beautiful but also comfortable.

The bedroom is a very private area as well as a place where we relax and rest. Therefore, the bedroom is supposed to be well designed to suit personality in order to get a super comfortable look and atmosphere.

Among the many colors, white is one of the color options that you can apply to your room to get a calm atmosphere. From the point of view of psychology, the white color is a calming color, soothing and gives a wide impression on the room. You can use white as the base color or the color choice that dominates your bedroom space.

White can make the room feel brighter, spacious, clean and of course comfortable.

All-white design is identical to the Scandinavian design style. The simple and minimalist Scandinavian design will give you the serenity of your sleeping space. The rest is more quality. You can apply this style to the whole room in your house, no exception to the bedroom. The size of the rooms that are not spacious is not an obstacle, Scandinavian style is a powerful kick get a wide impression on your private room.

Wall exploration of Scandinavian room design
The Scandinavian style that is always dominated with white color, often makes you paint the wall with just white color. In fact, you can explore the white color of the wall with certain patterns and shapes. You don’t need to be bound by white wall colors, even you should be able to develop them as freely as you can.

Customize your room walls with the use of bricks that are then painted in white. In addition, you can actually combine other colors in the Scandinavian rooms. Using Gray in one of the room wall sections is the choice for those of you who want a white Scandinavian room. The use of exposed brick walls is white and the presence of grey walls will give an elegant Scandinavian impression.

Another option for Scandinavian walls is the use of pallet wood. The wood element will give the room a warm impression as well as presenting a unique impression of its own bedroom.

Selection of furniture for Scandinavian room design
If you still choose to use white color all over the wall, then it’s time to play with the use of furniture. Use furniture for a table or bed made of wood with a simple and somewhat short design. The presence of wood furniture will give warmth to your bedroom. Combine with white furniture to keep the Scandinavian features still felt.

Place the headboard on the top side of the couch with the placement of the couch facing the openings/windows. So when you wake up, you will get a refreshing view to start the day.

In addition, to warm, wood-made cots will give a beautiful natural accent to your bedroom. Natural wood color and texture that show the strokes will give a warm classic impression.

Make the most of the room space possible by choosing the right furniture and furniture. Exactly what it means is that you are expected to choose minimalist-sized furniture and avoid the use of large-sized furniture. Use small-sized furniture to suit your needs and functions. This is to make your room area still feel spacious and the furniture really focuses on its function.

Scandinavian Room design with accessories
Beautify your Scandinavian bedroom with the use of decorative elements on the wall. The presence of accessories will make your Scandinavian room more vivid and not boring. You can place paintings, inspirational quotes or your favorite posters. Place it on a wooden frame and place it on your room wall. Voila! Your Scandinavian bedroom will be more beautiful and pleasant to behold.

In addition to the walls, you can also decorate the floor section with a plain grey or white carpet. Decorative lamps can also be complementary accessories that will make your room more enjoyable to be occupied. Scandinavian apartment design; How to design a comfortable and functional present-day dwelling

The style of the Scandinavian interior is a manifestation of the concept of the interior that has a simple, basic but very dynamic look. Scandinavian apartment Design becomes one of the real creations of the present residential design with such an appearance. Scandinavian style is one of the most fitting and suitable interior concepts to be applied to any occupancy, apartment or house. The Scandinavian design, which is identical to the dominant white color, belongs to the simple and simplistic, minimalist style, with a very comfortable and functional appearance.

Scandinavia is no longer just known and used to call countries in northern Europe or the Nordic countries. The term Scandinavian is now more familiar as one of the most popular interior styles.

In principle, the Scandinavian design style focuses on the function of a space. Natural accents, the use of bright and bright colors, natural lighting, minimalist and humanistic philosophy, characterize this interior style.

The principles of Scandinavian interior design were born and backed by the typical conditions of nature and society in the Scandinavian region itself. The limitations of natural resources such as timber, make the Scandinavian community think about how to use natural potential as wisely as possible.

From such conditions, the idea of designing the dwelling by entering natural elements and as much as possible minimizing the use of furniture and decorative elements are too excessive. Like the number of openings in the occupancy so that sunlight or natural light can enter the maximum. Natural lighting in the summer is actually utilized and used by almost all the dwellings in Scandinavian society.

For those of you who want a bright, spacious and comfortable apartment, Scandinavian design is the most appropriate choice of interior design style. The simple and minimal Scandinavian interior display is considered to represent today’s modern lifestyle. Also visually, the Scandinavian design comes with a very simple appearance but still does not lose its aesthetic image.

Interested in trying this Nordic style design for your apartment? Check out some of the following brief explanations.

Scandinavian apartment design; Domination white color
Undoubtedly, white is a color element and the most important interior element of the Scandinavian style. The white color is characteristic that makes us easily recognize the design style of this one. In addition to the wall, white color can also be applied to the use of cabinets, tables, sofas to use bed sheets and cover. The white color gives a broad, airy, bright and bright impression on the whole space.

Wood Release
In addition to using ceramic, the Scandinavian style often uses wood for the floor part. The wood element is an embodiment of elements or elements of nature with the aim of displaying natural effects into each room. Wood elements are also precisely able to give a warm impression on the space dominated by white color.

Consider the lighting options in each room in the apartment. Lighting is one of the keys to Scandinavian design. Use bright lights for specific spaces of large sizes, such as a living room or living room. While for the bedroom, you can use a comfortable and soothing warm light lamp.

You can also provide two function lamps that have different lighting that can be adjusted to the needs. Bright lights on the move and lights are a bit dim to relax and rest. Good and suitable lighting options will give a wide and comfortable impression of the whole space.

In addition to lights, take advantage of natural lighting coming from the sunlight during the day. The trick is to make multiple openings such as windows and ventilation.

Use of Accessories
Lastly, to beautify space, the use of accessories always plays an important role. Present other bright colors as decorative accents. Choose a colorful accessory that you can also easily move, such as pillows, carpets, chairs, lampshades, and paintings. But keep in mind, you should pay attention to the colors that will be used, not to the various colors gathered in one room. Avoid using more than three different colors inside your apartment.

For other space accessories, you can decorate walls with paintings, photos or inspirational quotes of timber-framed.

Ornamental plants on Scandinavian room design
As a finishing touch, you can add ornamental plants in your room. Not only is it pretty much seen, but the presence of plants can also make the air fresher and cooler. Choose plants on the tiny pot you place on the table or in the corner of the room.

Putting flowers in a vase is also one of the options you can do to produce freshness in the room. Don’t forget to always change the water and also the flowers regularly.

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