Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Scandinavian Style Kitchen Design

Featuring natural light, clean lines and painted wood, the Scandinavian kitchen is the perfect view of a contemporary kitchen. The simplicity and friendliness of Scandinavian kitchens become the backdrop for modern household life. When you feel the kitchen with the latest kitchen device looks too rigid and functional, Scandinavian style is a balanced choice that exploits tradition and modernity. The style that was born at the end of World War II as a result of reinterpretation of Nordic Society (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland) to classical style, initially prioritizes local materials that are easy to obtain. At that time the social democratic notion of beauty and status emerged shifting the old view. The idea was that the functional product that only some of the people had was supposed to be affordable for anyone.

The alloy of simplicity, beauty, and functionality became the main focus of Scandinavian design. But functionality is a top priority. The harsh climate of northern Europe where the Nordic countries are located, especially in the winter season, has triggered the Sknadinavian community to prioritize its usefulness over its decorations and simplicity will by itself follow. The focus on this functionality was the Scandinavian design of the German Bauhaus movement which also inspired the emergence of minimalist styles in the Americas.

Presenting Scandinavian kitchen in Indonesian home
In essence, Scandinavian style is easy to apply and does not cost a lot. The basic ingredients include white curtains and furniture, chalk-coloured walls, plain tiles or sand-patterned hardwood floors. To bring the Scandinavian style in the kitchen can be done without buying new furniture. Our interior architect can help you to provide the ideal design input that is functional, without draining the pockets. Simply by painting the furniture, for example, we can already present functional simplicity in our kitchen. More homify suggestions about the Scandinavian appearance of the kitchen are:

  1. Wall

Overall, the color of Scandinavian style is pale and cold, but not tedious. Paint is the ultimate finishing touch for walls, ceilings, parts of wood, and built-in furniture. The surface color is more likely to be matte and soft, not shiny or too bright (as opposed to Mediteran-style color). This means that the selected color should be greenish gray, greyish-blue, or black-and-white. If the kitchen needs a touch of warm color, pale beige or beige yellow is the perfect option. The whole room can be pale in color, and the parts made of wood or cabinets can be painted in a stronger color. Put simply, paint the entire room wall with white color. Avoid pastel colors Because this type of color does not contain the depth of Scandinavian style characters.

Tile-lined areas always require any type of kitchen, especially around the dishwasher and stove. Select white, grey, or pale blue ceramic tiles for the backsplash to fit the main theme. The Backsplash tile Setup can have a chess board pattern, or include pictorial panels on a plain wall.

  1. Woodwork (wooden) parts

The pale and chill of the Scandinavian kitchen will be offset by the use of wood elements. Keep in mind that in Scandinavian style, wood elements are always painted and do not show the original color. Wooden doors, wooden planks of walls (if any), and a window or door frame can be painted in the same color as the wall, but with a stronger tone. In a Scandinavian kitchen cupboard and kitchen table, as well as a hanger cookware is a room element that is also made of wood. Especially for the kitchen table should choose a durable wood material, considering this area will be exposed to heat from the newly raised pot of stove, hot water splash, knife scratches, etc. Nowadays some manufacturers of household furniture have been offering kitchen set with a kitchen table lined with granite or marble. These two materials also have a display that can be adjusted in Scandinavian style and more durable. If you want to save, we can ask professional help to change the kitchen table mat without replacing the whole kitchen table with a new one.

  1. Floor

Kitchen floor should be strong but easy to clean. Not much different from the color of the walls, the classical Scandinavian style flooring puts pale color or tend to be white. This applies both for wood flooring and tile flooring. Floor tiles can be made of terrazzo or ceramic-coloured white, either plain or patterned. When selecting a patterned tile, it is recommended that the pattern is not too flashy or small in shape with a color that does not stand out. It can also make a chess board pattern with black and white color. However we cannot use this flooring pattern when the kitchen backsplash is also patterned chess board. The goal is to avoid the impression of too crowded opposite to the Scandinavian style rules.

  1. Furniture

Amid the often unfriendly climate, warmth becomes something coveted. In a Scandinavian style standpoint, warmth can be obtained by hanging out with the family in the warm kitchen. This is why dining furniture is always in the Scandinavian style kitchen. Not only to save or maximize the use of space, but also to collect all the house dwellers in warmth. Dining room furniture is currently widely offered, but of course there is an additional cost to be estimated. If it is not possible to buy new furniture, we can paint a table and dining chairs with a Scandinavian color. It can also put one or two seats from different materials (iron, rattan, etc.) together with the original dining Chair dining table to create a unique appearance and overcome the pregnancy pale shades in a way that does not eat a lot of costs.

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