Kitchen Design for Small Space

Simple Kitchen Design; How to Design and Decorate Small kitchen

To have a simple yet comfortable and pleasant kitchen design, we will be faced with a dilemma situation, between a charming design and a number of investments or costs needed.

If you have a large house with the allocation of space in the ideal kitchen room, and especially the unlimited budget of the decor, there will be no problem when designing and decorating the kitchen space as you want. However, what if the allocation of the kitchen space in your home is not too big and you do not have a sizable budget? This is exactly where the problem points; How can you create a dream kitchen space, with a simple but all-in-one appearance that has a tremendous level of comfort? The answer, Of course, it can.

The design and use of the kitchen have changed dramatically along Developments the world of interior design and architecture. The kitchen, which used to be a simple space to prepare food, has now become the heart and soul of every home. Whether it is a gathering space for keh2luarga or commonly referred to as a communal space, and even the design of the current kitchen can also accommodate the needs of children, in other words, the kitchen room can also serve as a playroom for children. Of course with the idea of a friendly and safe design for them.

Essentially, the kitchen room has a lot of relations and interconnection with lifestyle. The design of the current kitchen becomes one of the most important parts, you have to do it properly and appropriately.

To provide ease and inspiration, here are practical tips for creating a dream kitchen space; Simple kitchen design with adequate comfort and aesthetics.

Golden Triangle
In the standard kitchen design in general, you should really notice the Golden Triangle rules. The size of the kitchen, large or small, still has to load the rules, where the stove, refrigerator, and sink form a triangle. The Golden Triangle will make the workspace in the kitchen area much more functional and easier to use.

Quality materials
Assuming heavy use of the kitchen area is almost daily, you need quality material or materials. Quality materials will provide durability and reduce the cost of extra maintenance on a regular basis.

Storage space
One way of displaying a well-looked kitchen space is also a pretty ceramic organization. Creating extra storage spaces can make the kitchen space look cleaner, tidy, and very well organized. The work area, as well as the gathering area, will certainly create a very extraordinary sense of comfort.

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